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Make Your Own Accessories

There are a lot of ways that you can make your own accessories for the summer. When you need to save money, or just want new unique accessories, you need to get creative and try new things. A lot of the time when I try new things I combine research with trial and error. Here are some cheap and creative ways to make your own custom made accessories:

Old Record Accessories

I’ve been seeing them around for a few years now, and even though they are not as popular as before, I still find them very cute and edgy.

- An old record (They have tons at thrift shops for a dollar or two)
- A soldering iron tool
- Sand Paper

To cut the pendants:
I ended up trying a soldering iron tool to cut through the vinyl. I found it worked pretty well, but I had to practice for a bit to get the lines straight. I used sand paper to smooth out the lines. I’m sure different heated tools will work different ways.

To mold and bend:
You can also put pieces in boiling water so it is able to mold and bend without snapping. I would recommend you stand in front of it the entire time and check with a utensil to check every minute or so if it’s started to soften. Make sure to use tongs to take the piece out and use something to bend it in the desired shape. If you want a cuff type of shape, Use a mug or cup to get the right shape. You can make rings and cuffs from it.

Toothbrush Bracelet

A quick way to recycle your toothbrush and get some coloured bracelets. The first time I did this when I was in middle school, but they still seem like a nice way to add to an outfit.

- Toothbrush
- Pliers

1. Start boiling water in a pan, on a light to medium setting.
2. Use the pliers to take out the bristles from the brush, If its too hard, wait till later on, when its softer to take it out.
3. Insert the toothbrush, and once in a while check to see if it bends a bit with little pressure. This should take about 5 minutes.
4. When it is ready take it out with tongs and wait for a minute or two, but make sure it doesn’t fully cool.
5. When the toothbrush has cooled down a bit, bend it to your desired shape. Use gloves or rags, so that you don’t burn yourself. I would recommend using a mug or glass underneath to help achieve the right shape.
6. Finished! Wait till its cooled, or submerge it in cold water if your in a hurry.

Melted Bead Pendants

A friend of mine started doing these, and I instantly started making my own. They break easily, but I find they are a nice temporary change, and can add colour to an outfit.

- Beads (Pyssa beads at Ikea for $4.99)
- Bead holder (Pyssa bead shape set at Ikea for $1.99)
- Wax paper
- Iron

1. Use the shapes to support your beads, and then create your design
2. Put the wax paper on top of the beads, still in the shaper, and Iron on light
4. Check every second or so to see if the beads have melted enough and merged together. Its sometimes noticeable through the wax paper.
5. Remove the beads from the shaper, and remove the wax paper.

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  1. The toothbrush bracelet reminds me of the fork bracelet we all loved from Gus Van Sant’s film Elephant.

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