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Keffiyeh Hipsters


I’ve always found fashion trends curious. Not as curious as protein supplements and that whole ridiculous and shamelessly narcissistic world of weight training, but close. Remember the keffiyeh? Ah, those delightful hipster kids! Then, after the trend had percolated into society at large, everyone pranced around with it wrapped around their necks with only a vague recognition of its political significance. Okay, I’m being mean. They knew what it symbolized. But I doubt they had any more than a superficial understanding of the Israel-Palestine conflict. But even that is beside the point.


One can’t expect hipsters to understand geopolitics. (God, I just can’t help myself, can I?) I love hipsters, really. The point is that the sole reason people wore that thing was because other morons were wearing it too. It was not because it looked particularly good (because it didn’t), or because it kept one warm and cozy (again, it didn’t). No, people wore this thing simply because other people were wearing it too. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m as guilty of this sort of herd mentality as anyone else. I wear skinny jeans like it’s nobody’s business. But I’m also a skinny dude. And skinny jeans happen to fit me. So yeah. Trendy, but functional and form-fitting as well. Anyway.

keffiyeh hipsters

The keffiyeh. At some point the high council of hipster kids in Williamsburg decided that the keffiyeh was no longer cool and abandoned it. Of course, that information takes some time to trickle down to the non-hipster masses. Which leads to a sad state of affairs. Because, if you wear a keffiyeh nowadays as a fashion statement (as opposed to as an overt display of support for the Palestinian people), it’s as if you are a really slow, developmentally challenged (that’s PC, right?) member of the sheep population.

Keffiyeh patterns

You can’t even stay up to date with crappy fashion trends. And you’re as intelligent as a particularly idiotic farm animal. Shame on you. Waste of oxygen. Just make sure to email me when the hipsters abandon skinny jeans, please.

Keffiyeh Use

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