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G-Shock X DEE and RICKY

G-shock recently released their latest watch; the GA110DR-1A collaboration with Dee and Ricky, the New York twin designer duo.

24 year old Dee and Ricky, 2 in a set of triplets (they have a sister who’s a student) were born and raised in NYC. Their love for the city and its rich arts and culture scene, inspired them to start an accessories collection made of LEGO. This caught Marc Jacobs’ attention where they were commissioned to infuse their crafts into Jacobs’ runway back in 2008. From there, everyone wanted a piece of the duo which made them a brand name worldwide.

G-shock, known for their urban/skate trends, thought of these boys as being the best to work with for their new and innovative watch that has an old school, NYC feel to it. This limited edition chronograph perfectly pairs with an extra-large analog/digital with the DEE and RICKY design.

Inspired by old video games, Director and Visual Artist Kenzo Digital created this 8 minute promotional short film for G-shock starring the designers.

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