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Fashionably Late? Never with a TOY WATCH.

Toy Watch

The other day while working on a photo shoot,  I discovered how good a espresso can be when made by an Italian.  It got me to thinking about what other genius things the Italians have come up with.  The list included olive oil, cars, motorcycles, a clothing line that tested our social awareness, gelato and now, new for Fall, the Jelly watch by Toy Watch.

the Jelly watch by Toy Watch

The Milan-based designer, Marco Mavilla created the first Toy Watch in 2005 and was deemed  « an anti-luxury statement in a luxury obsessed culture »  Fans of toy Watch now include the likes of Michelle Obama, Madonna, Leonardo di Caprio, Jessica Alba, to name a few and of course Oprah, who made it one of favorite things in 2007.

Michelle Obama in the Jelly watch by Toy Watch

Toy Watch is a mash-up between a Swatch and a Rolex with styles that suit almost any taste.  The Tow Watch collections include skulls, crystals, tattoo motifs, plasteramic (like the now-famous white Chanel watch), heavy metal and mother of pearl; to name a few. The new lightweight, oversized silicone Jelly watches  come in an array of shocking colours and are water resistant….great for all the times that I’ve stumbled into the shower and forgotten to remove my watch (thank God for blow dryers).

Jelly watch by Toy Watch

For the true fashionista with a pension for mixing & matching, the Jelly’s face is removable and can be combined with another strap for instant customization! Fashionable, fun and affordable…I’ll take two in that case!

Jelly watch by Toy Watch Aqua

Cost : about $240 CAN

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