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Daddy WARBYucks meets Peter PARKER

Warby Parker

One of my favorite weekend pastimes is going to the magazine store and buying all the new monthlies, such as GQ, Details, Complex, Nylon, Men’s Health, and my newest obsession, Entrepreneur. I love going through the magazines on my floor, looking at some of the newest & coolest. I am the kind of guy who rips out the interesting articles, products, recipes, and hotels, and then actually calls the number listed on the bottom or, now a days, visits their website. I have come across some interesting finds and am excited to share with you my newest one: Warby Parker.

The Fillmore

In many magazines, they put together a trend by showing four or five similar products. I have a talent for always liking the most expensive product without even knowing the brand. I was flipping through this month’s GQ when I came across a pair of glasses that I pegged as being the most expensive, only to find that they were ONLY $95 (which for prescription glasses is a steal). Upon further inspection, I headed on over to their website and made a mother of a discovery.

The Monocle

The Nedwin

The Roosevelt

ALL, and I mean, ALL of their frames are $95 for both men & women–and that INCLUDES the price of the prescription + Free shipping. As well, you can virtually try on any pair of glasses by uploading your picture OR they can send you up to five pairs to try on for free without the prescription. I immediately jumped on board and ordered a pair of the black Fillmores with my prescription, and, for the hell of it, I ordered a Monocle, thinking it will come in handy one day. My total: $116 USD (after the 2nd purchase, you got 20% off your order). Oh, and for every pair you buy, they donate a pair to those in need.

UNFORTUNATLEY, Warby Parker is only shipping in the US (but they are looking to make them available in Canada soon) If you do have a US Address, though, this is one of the best inventions since Poynt.

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