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Chatting with a Champion

DJ Champion & Ses G-Strings

It’s not often that you’ll catch Maxime Morin at home. Publicly known as DJ Champion, he and his band, DJ Champion and the G-Strings, have a brand new album out and a brand new cross-Canada tour. On a quiet night before his sold-out shows at Metropolis,’s very own E caught up with the Juno-award winning DJ to chat about his new album, Resistance.

yourKloset: Sooo.. lets start off with your new album, Resistance. Why did you choose to go in such a different direction from your last album, Chill’Em All?

MaximeMorin: You know, it’s not so different. There’s definitely more of a rock aspect, but that’s more like our shows. We’re still sticking to our original idea of having an electronic drum machine, mixing it with electric guitar. What’s really different, Resistance has a lot more lyrics, a lot more structure…

E4yK:… and a male singer.

MM (laughs): Yeah.

E4yK: Why did you decide to have a male singer on this album?

MM: I didn’t really choose it, it really just happened. It was challenging working with a guy, but it’s an attractive challenge, shaking your confidence.

E4yK: Is it true that you were working on an album before Resistance and scrapped it?

MM: Well, it was about 4 months of work. It was right after the Chill’Em All tour, which was great, but I was still in that comfort zone. You know, success, it gives you power, confidence, but artistically it can also hold you back from evolution. I looked at that work, and I was proud, because as a composer I made something good, but as a DJ… well, I wouldn’t play it in my set, it just wasn’t unique. But I think I needed those 4 months to let it out of my system and move forward.

E4yK: And alas, Resistance

MM: Yeah

E4yK: So as a Montreal native, where do you hang out when you’re in the city?

MM: I like to go to Laika, Billy Kun, Blue Dog Motel. You know, when you’re on tour, you’re going out so much, so when I’m home, I just can’t, so I like low key bars. And Piknik Electronique, that’s the kind of shit I like to do. But clubbing… well, I guess it depends who’s playing, but for me, it’s like going to a concert, going to listen to the music. I don’t do drugs, don’t really drink, so all those people on coke, ecstasy, speed, it’s just too hardcore for me, too difficult to relate to.

DJ Champion &  Ses G-Strings

E4yK: Which DJ would get you out to a club?

MM: I really like DJ Mini, she’s great.

E4yK: So, before I let you go, any piece of advice for kids wanting to get into the industry?

MM: Yeah, it’s important to work hard, be professional, and master your art… but it’s not the goal. The goal is to be authentic, which is not achieved by mastering your art, but by being yourself. To succeed in the music industry, you need to create your own network. DJs do not have fans, they have friends… so go clubbing! Get to know the people and make them your friends. Don’t wait for older people to bring you in, because they’re afraid of you. You’re shaking things up, questioning their power. No one will give you chances, so you have to create them yourself.

DJ Champion

Checkout his NEW Album Resistance here!

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