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Weezy is back!!! No he’s not out of jail, and with the latest rumor going around that he was sent to solitary confinement aka The Hole because he was caught with earphones and an MP3 charger, (good job!!!) the chances of him getting out early are most likely slim to none. But like I said the man is back, at least musically that is, with his...

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Convenience. This is a very powerful concept that has been known to create entire markets, is the core concept of countless companies, and that is arguably the basis of the internet. It is the very definition of modernity: We no longer hunt or farm our food, but rather buy it in packaged form from the supermarket. The microwave, freeze-dried...

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The Bay’s contemporary White Space

Not too long ago it would never have dawned on me to feed my fashion fix at the démodé department store The Bay. Pardon the frankness! Like Eaton’s and Simpsons, the outmoded Canadian retailer was becoming a distant memory. With declining sales and lackluster appeal, Bonnie Brooks from recent Lane Crawford fame was appointed President....

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What’s In? yourKloset!

Picture it! A bright sunny Sunday morning at the end of August and a group of creative individuals assemble to produce a fashion editorial for After one hour of setting up, we realize that the female model had not arrived and commenced immediately the frantic calls to try to track our missing model. Now 30 minutes later and to no...

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Posted Nov 2, 2010

Building an Empire: One LEGO piece at a time


As you may recall about a year ago, I wrote about a little company called Dee...

Posted Nov 2, 2010

Tom Ford’s menswear line exclusively at Harry Rose...


There were several launches in the last little while which makes a fashion...

Posted Nov 1, 2010

Boutique Onze


Walking down St. Catherine’s with one of my friends, I stumbled upon my new...

Posted Nov 1, 2010

Travis Taddeo Spring/Summer 2011 collection

Travis Taddeo ®Sebastien Roy - Taddeo on left with model

(Taddeo on left with model) Last week on a seasonally warm autumn afternoon,...


Posted Oct 31, 2010

The Guy Over There (part 1)


It’s Saturday afternoon, and we’ve been at the community center for at...


Posted Oct 30, 2010

The Nuvaring®


For those women (or partners of those) who are currently using the birth...