Posted Mar 20, 2011 in Cool Shit


Just for Jokes (Part I)

I’ve been writing a lot about my country lately. I don’t know why. Maybe I wish I could patch things up with it. Have a normal relationship again. Maybe I wish you could understand what it’s like. In an effort to increase OUR understanding of this place, I will endeavor to present you, from time to time, with a sample of the humor which...

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Posted Mar 19, 2011 in Events, Music


SKYWHORES UNITE!!! Winter Music Conference 2011

So another year has come and gone…bodies have been dehydrated, knees have been wracked with pain, feet exhausted beyond belief. All these growing pains have come and gone and despite them a good time was had by all…unless of course you were robbed, cheated, or lost something. I experienced all these pains and observed the conference from a...

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Posted Mar 18, 2011 in Food


Modern Hostess: For The Love of Cheese

Those of you who know me know that I am obsessed with CHEESE. I’ve tried giving it up in the past for various reasons but I just can’t… it’s too delicious. I love cheese with breakfast, lunch or dinner. I love cheese as a snack. And I love cheese for dessert. It’s just the perfect food… salty, creamy, and so flavorful. And there’s so...

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Posted Mar 17, 2011 in Tech


Montrealers have a choice thanks to Colba.Net

Sick of the restrictions that your internet provider is forcing you to endure? Don’t despair yet, Colba.Net offers its customers the freedom that Videotron, Bell and others are cutting back. Recently, had the opportunity to interview Joseph Bassili, the CEO and founder of Colba.Net, who assures customers and prospective...

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Posted Mar 16, 2011

Cobra iRadar will be available for Android this Ap...


With the great success that Cobra has had with iRadar for iPhone, it was only...


Posted Mar 16, 2011

New York Armory Show


A friend of mine recently returned from the New York Armory Show, bright eyed...


Posted Mar 15, 2011

Put The Boots Away


Yes, people! I know the weather is deceiving and boots are somewhat still a...

Posted Mar 14, 2011

Stop the Crop!


You thought you’d only see them again when reliving your childhood through...

Posted Mar 14, 2011

Hip boutique Hotel Chez Swann


It seems like everyone I know is raving about Swann lately. No not in...

Posted Mar 13, 2011

What the Bleep Do We Know?!


Let’s face it – there is a whole universe, multiverse or more out...