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LG Fashion Week: Klaxon Howl

There aren’t very many places, other than a therapist’s office, or wherever they are keeping the mentally unstable during construction at the CAMH, where you can admit to feeling deeply nostalgic and slightly aroused at the thought of World War II. Well, unless you were at the Klaxon Howl show yesterday, in which case you know you were...

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MAC Cosmetics wants to enhance the thriving colors of spring by adding a fusion of bright, girly shades to its Quite Cute Collection Spring 2011. True its name, the adorable selections of fun pastel tones combined with cutesy formatted products of candy-colored Lipstick and lip pencils, shimmery Plushglass and frosty Eye Quads will undoubtedly...

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Where Coincidence Ends and Destiny Begins (With a ...

New Yawk City. Heatwave. Last summer. You remember the deal. On our first evening, after leaving our stuff at the hotel, the fam and I went out for a walk. Even though night had fallen, the air was stuffy and sticky like Vietnam during the monsoon. Like inside a pneumonic lung. Central Park, which had taken on the form of an infested bog during...

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Kick Your Plastic Bag Habit with ChicoBag!

This California-based company and Green America affiliate started out of an aversion for plastic bags; a passion that I share. The very first reusable bag I bought was from them and I still have it (after 2 years!); I also bought some for my roommates so I could stop harassing them to quit using plastic bags. Their line of products has now...

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Posted Apr 1, 2011

Modern Hostess: Antipasto


Have you ever found yourself trying to think of the perfect appetizer to serve...

Posted Apr 1, 2011

LG Fashion Week: Going on a trip with design duo J...


Sibling design duo Alia and Jamil Juma, the brains behind New York based JUMA,...

Posted Mar 31, 2011

LG Fashion Week has arrived…


I’m sorry readers, I’ve been a bad blogger the past two days of LG...

Posted Mar 31, 2011

Stussy Deluxe


Stussy Deluxe – Stussy’s high-end clothing line for the grown-up...

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When it comes to the world of action sports Dakine is on top. Covering Skate,...

Posted Mar 30, 2011

“National Shoe Day”


I woke up one day thinking about National...