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Where is your designer dog coming from?

A few nights ago a friend of mine from BC messaged me asking for info on dog rescue organizations in Quebec. It turns out she had been informed of the discovery of a puppy mill just outside of Montreal. This mill in particular had over 200 dogs, all of them kept outside all year despite the freezing temperatures. Thankfully my friend was able to have one dog rescued, and he was picked up from this ‘dog breeder’s’ establishment and sent to BC, where he is now recovering from the terrible shape he was in.

Unfortunately, he is only one of the more than 200 dogs there, and these mills continue to be able to operate because there is a demand for purebred dogs. Breeders can expect to make fast cash by over-breeding these dogs, and all rescue groups right now are experiencing an abundance of dogs. California is the most desperate, and if you look at the number of dogs in high kill shelters the numbers are staggering. In one day in California they can kill over a hundred Chihuahuas who are under a year old. Chihuahuas are the second most killed in California, just behind Pitt Bulls. There is also another huge issue with pedigree breeds becoming more and more inbred, and therefore ending up with a multitude of health problems. For more information, check out Pedigree Dogs Exposed.

In retrospect, I feel like I might also be perpetuating this issue by owning a Chihuahua myself, so I would urge anyone thinking of getting a puppy to think twice about buying from a breeder, and definitely NOT from a pet store. Checking out one of their local shelters is a much more animal-friendly option.

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