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Unfold & Ride! VELA Bikes

I am a practical man, I like things to be functional, affordable & of course look good. I constantly have to go from place to place in a small radius of the downtown Montreal core. I usually walked most places, because I hated moving my car from my spot, but that took too long, so I decided since its summer to look for a bike.  Montreal does offer the bixi system, but a lot of the places I go don’t necessarily have a station. I wanted something that was easy to store and wasn’t too expensive. I then remembered seeing a foldable bike on the bike path once, and started googling.

After much research I found some affordable US bikes that shipped to Canada, but that made them not so affordable so I looked for local & national companies. I came across this company, VELA, that imported their bikes from Japan, and were sold locally in Montreal. BINGO! Not only were they beautiful, but also quite practical and in my budget at $399.00. I loved them so much; I bought two for swUrl deliveries. The bikes are super sleek and really sturdy.  They are perfect for day-to-day mini trips, I wouldn’t suggest it for the hardcore 120 km bike rides, but it definitely satisfies my needs.  It folds in half at the center and at the handle bar making it fit into most trunks.

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