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Travel Tips for Guys

Traveler - B Etco

Recently I have found myself traveling A LOT! Packing/unpacking, overweight luggage, and many packs of mixed nuts. The one thing I have learnt through all my travels is the dos and don’ts (and how to dress-of course!). Below are time saving tips pre, during and post flight.

Dress Code:

I was always the sweatpants/sweatshirt traveler, but over the past two years I have transitioned into a jeans and a sweater kind of guy. I am not telling people to travel in suits, but people should have some class on airplanes, and dress comfortably and stylishly.  My rule is: the way you dress should not indicate where you’re going. For example if you are going to Mexico it is NOT OK to wear flip-flops, shorts and a beer t-shirt. Dress like you would on a Saturday afternoon out for lunch.

Baby Powder


I can’t tell you how many times I have been stopped at the security scanner for a “suspicious item”. The funny thing is I always know what it is… it’s a mysterious white powder that has magical effects on the male body (and a baby’s bottom). Baby powder for some reason always comes up on the screen so tip #1. Always pack two toiletry bags – One with your “solid goods” and any liquids less than 3.oz (most cologne bottles are fine). The second bag should be with your “wet goods” i.e. toothpaste, shampoo, BABY POWDER and your razor, this should go into your checked luggage (make sure to tightly seal it in a Ziploc)


During Flight

Always take out any stuff you will use during the flight before the flight i.e. magazines, computer and iPod because you never know when you’re stuck in the middle and the old man falls asleep in the aisle seat. Secondly, always have Chap Stick on hand; the air really dries your lips.

Super Shuttle

Post Flight

Instead of wasting 30 to 60 $ on a taxi, opt for the cheaper more “green” alternative- shared shuttles. Usually at most major airports there are shuttle services that you can book in advance or hop into the day of that take you to your desired hotel or hotspot for half the price. I use them all the time, it takes away all the worry while allowing you to sit back, relax and save a couple of bucks.

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