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Tokyo Tuesday Trends

As I mentioned last week, the fashion in Tokyo was out of this world. I could have bought a lot however many of the articles were either too whacky, too expensive or just didn’t fit. The later, is very important for North Americans traveling to Tokyo their stuff is made really small, so don’t feel obese if you cant fit into their clothes.

Ready for this…. The BIGGEST trend in Tokyo was three quarter pants or shorts worn over leggings. Every store and I mean almost every store from Beams to Isetan were showing them and at least 2 out of 5 guys on the street were wearing them. Most of the shorts were normal, but the leggings were either solid black, native themed or colorful prints. Look I’m not even going to consider it, and say well you know what if you wear it with…. NOOO it is not OK. This trends although can be pulled off by the Japanese it should definitely stay there.

Denim was also one of the strongest points with distressed denim still being the number one player along with railroad stripe, while colorful denim was also making a statement.

Camo and Cargo were also in full force, being one of the most dominant pants selling and being worn.

Stars and Dots were also on a lot of different articles of clothing

In terms of accessories and footwear anything you can chain or clip to your pants is huge from little figurines to colorful metal chains were seen everywhere. THE ITEM that could be found on almost every man was believe it or not the modern day Fanny Pack. (a.k.a. the Pouch). They actually made it look cool, I was this close to buying a camo one on my way out, but resisted.

Footwear is still dominated by the desert/chukka boots and boat shoes, with everyone and their mothers having them in stock.

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