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Summer Getaway Essentials

It’s that time of year, fellas. The time where you feel like you still haven’t done anything of your summer, work is driving you insane and the city air is slowly suffocating you. Yes, you need a getaway with your best friends whether it’s to another city or your buddy Joe’s weekend cottage Up North.

Those kind of getaways always come suddenly where you don’t even have the time to think of what to bring and then you start packing things that you don’t need. A great packing will assure you a great relaxing time. Here is my list of a summer getaway essentials.

1- A great duffel bag

You want to have a duffel bag that will allow you to bring everything you need.  This  Marc Jacob duffle (picture above) has zipper compartment so everything can be organized neatly which creates more space. This bag retails at 269.47$ on but you could easily find a duffel bag that will do the same trick for less money at Gap or any department store. I suggest to check Winners, they always have surprises there.

2-Your best summer clothes

I had a tendency of just putting any clothes in my bag whenever I was going somewhere. BIG MISTAKE!! You end up having clothes that don’t even match and look like a tourist. Make sure to match your clothes before packing them. Bring your best attires and bring a nice look if ever you go for dinner or a party.


Games are always important. They are easy to get into and  they easily gather everyone for a fun night. You can go with Taboo, Twister or Alcohol games. This will  guarantee you a night to remember and what happens Up North stays Up North right?


You have to bring the right shoes that will flatter with the destination. For a weekend with mother nature, you go for runners . For a beach vacation, you go for flip flops or boat shoes. For a NYC trip, you go for your stylish shoes (you’re in NYC). But the best footwear that will suit you anywhere you go are Espadrilles (picture above). They are easy to pack and wear, light and nicer than Crocs.

5-Alcohol recipe book

You get bored after you 3rd orange juice vodka so why not spice things up with a variety of drink recipes that will keep you and your friends entertained.And if ever there is that person you’ve been trying to impress for a while, you will if you know how to make a Scarlett Bellini or a Champagne Cocktail with cognac. Suggest The Ultimate Cocktail Book by Bill Reavell and Neil Mersh.

6-Travel Kit

Might be the most important item on the list. In your travel kit you should have everything hygienic: toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, comb, hair product, cologne, lotion, facial cleaner, shampoo, soap and condoms. Yes, it sounds very metrosexual but you won’t be disappointed when you get there and you won’t have secretly go through your friends’ things when you have to get ready for a date with one of the beach girls or boys that you spotted while playing volleyball. If you’re one of those people who  don’t have time to create your one travel kit, there are pre-mades that you can buy at any department store or drugstore, minus the condoms though. Suggest the Grab-and-go Travel Kit by Anthony Logistic for men (picture above)

With that you can guarantee yourself a great time that will make you forget all your city life worries. Go breath some fresh air, explore somewhere new and let your mind relax itself. You need it.

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