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SKYWHORES UNITE! St.John’s, Newfieland ;)

St Johns Newfoundland

After traveling the beaches of Dominican Republic, my next destination needed to be special and, dare I say, local. Where else, but the beautiful city of …St-John’s, Newfoundland? Why, you may ask? I’ve been all over Europe, Asia, and North America, but I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw here.

First off, landing in St-John’s you notice that the people are quite different here. The men are strikingly handsome with chiseled features and surprisingly clean fingernails for fishermen. The women, however, look like boots! Of course I shouldn’t generalize. Maybe my eyes were fixed on the rough trade?


The architecture alone makes your head pound with envy. Most likely half the value and twice the size of what you can find in downtown Ottawa or Toronto, this real estate is an investor’s dream. Supposedly, rumor has it that even reggae artist Shaggy was looking for a house. That he’s so well received here doesn’t, well, say much for the musical tastes of residents here.


Downtown Shopping

Well, St-John’s has some pretty nice sweaters that would keep your ass sweating for days. For clubbing and new mode fashion, some shops to see are August and Lotta, or Wenches and Rogues. If you’re more of a window watcher, try the numerous boutiques on Water St.


George Street

Why go to the tourist office when your friendly neighborhood cab driver knows the ins and outs of the city. I learned where to shop, eat, and get laid in one fell swoop. Even the gay info was supplied since “me and me wife go the ‘light’ bar all the time”.

You see St-John’s has two after-hours named Liquid Ice and a gay bar called Zone.

Everyone goes to the Zone after bar hopping where they can hear the latest in cheesy dance music. I had a very nice time in this bar and noticed that I was quite the target…(how many black fishermen are there in Newfoundland?).

Liquid Ice plays hosts to known Canadian DJs playing various forms of dance music.

Besides endless drinking at the various pubs on George St., where they play anything from Folk to Hip-Hop, whale watching is a must. Yes, I know I already witnessed some on the street but trust me, hop a boat and head to the high seas.

Depending on the season, you may witness whales diving into the water, the numerous various bird species, and glacial formations. I was lucky enough to see 9 whales (and out of season, on top of that). Many people I have spoken to were not interested in seeing an iceberg, but witnessing the presence of a mass so crystal clear and incredibly massive is awe-inspiring, eve from miles away. It will change the minds of naysayers. This is Mother Nature at her best!



The shoreline is breathtaking and I suggest you go with a loved one, be it a serious relationship or a 24 hour stint.

As you stand on deck admiring the young, rough looking red-headed captain as he tries to glide the ship into the inlet, you’ll pass Signal Hill on your right, the most easterly point in North America.

Do not get off the boat without being “screeched”. This is one of the many traditions you can find on the island. Basically, you read an announcement, kiss a cod (for some this is a nightly affair) and then drink a shot of their secret concoction (Captain Morgan’s Dark Rum). There you have it–you are now an official Newfie. My Christ! I’ve achieved all my goals in life.

Always try out the local specialties. Chess’s Famous Fish and Chips is known for, yes, you guess it, bacon!!! No, internationally known for its codfish and chips, Chess’ always has lineups of hungry people. I take great pride in my appetite, as food is my first love, and waited to dive into this pile of grease. That’s exactly what I found to the point of nausea–grease. I continued eating, wondering if I would be reduced to a mere oil slick. I have to say, though, that I am not an admirer of grease or sweets, so maybe my opinion should not be taken in this matter. Still, it is tradition.

Duckworth St

Well, having been there 4 times within 3 months, I’ve come to appreciate the city and actually look forward to layovers there. I’ve always been treated well at the Delta Hotel and the Fairmount, but if you’re looking for rustic lodging try out the many bed and breakfasts dotting the hillside and while you’re there, try one of the midnight haunted tours. For more info, check out Downtown St Johns.

Until my next flight, keep it real and tip heavily!

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  1. I spent many summers in St-John’s when i was younger it’s a beautiful city. But i hope you like the smell of fish.

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