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SKYWHORE’S UNITE!!! One Night in Bangkok!

Though many people hate urban sprawl. I’m a city girl and I love the action. If you know where to go and how to do it, you’ll find a slice of heaven in this congested city. We left off 2 articles ago on where to stay in Bangkok.

You can’t touch Bangkok. This truly is a city that never sleeps. Straight, gay, shopping, massages, you name it…it doesn’t end.

Bed Supperclub, one of many, has a bevy of international guest DJ’s usually from London. I favor this place mostly cause one of my friends, DJ Duke O’Phive is one of the resident DJ’s. Though he prefers deep house, he can turn a crowd out in any style and fashion and good looking too.

Another club of note is Q Bar. A much smaller place but totally high on the quality list with expats and locals alike. But what’s great about Bangkok is its underground party scene, such as Dudesweet and electro monthly that has taken the cities fashion darlings by storm.

For the gays, well let’s just say there is no place like Thailand for gay life. You have numerous bars to choose from in Silom soi (alley) 2 and soi 4. Depending on your tastes you’ll find it all. DJ Station, though with a tacky name never fails to please. I would think the most successful gay club in the world. Packed every night 7 days per week, even during hurricanes and protests. On weekends it can be ridiculously packed, so much, you literally at times have to body surf in order to get out. Not the place to be if a fire broke out. But if you’re a foreigner, this is where the Thai boys go to meet you. 3 floors of hustle and bustle with the latest in commercial dance music. The first floor catering to the foreign asian crowd from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, the 2nd floor to westerners and the boys that ($) need them, the 3rd floor with a cd store, toilets, and a mezzanine where you’re not really sure why they are there.

If you’re into locals and not wanting to mix with other tourists try G-star. My tour guide brought me here with his friends and though it was quite different for me, I enjoyed my company. Imagine 500 thai boys (18-25)standing around tables, with bottles of whiskey and green tea, listening to Thai booty music. Out of 500, maybe 15 will dance. I was the only foreigner in a 5 block radius.

For late night eats, like every other city in the world, go to Chinatown. I especially like this one in particular. The food is great and though you’re sitting outside with exhaust fumes in your face, you can’t get a better feel of Bangkok. Some amazing seafood can be found here and prices are just a bit below the standard pricing of Canada.

Shopping till 3am, why not? Patpong is the place to find watches, shirts, and the all authentic purses and wallets of high end calibre. Don’t be surprised if Gucci is spelled Guchy or Chanel, Channel and my favourite Prada as Prata. Stick with the shirts. Ralph Lauren comes pretty close to the original.

Massages are king here. You’ll find massage parlors on every corner. By far the majority of them are authentic and proper. Choose the wrong one and you’ll get more then what you bargained for, but a happy ending is a happy ending. If they look shady, skip it. They might not have any training in massage whatsoever and just want to please you in other ways. If they’re trying to persuade you to come in…forget it. It means business is not good for them and there must be a reason. Unfortunately, I happened on one of the shadier ones on an island trip. Though my friends enjoyed it, my masseuse who kept slipping and landing on my privates messed up my right foot so badly, every morning to this day, I walk with a limp until my feet get adjusted to pressure.

The massage parlor on Silom for the most part you can’t go wrong. I have my favorite one and they know me well. The parlors can go until 2am so right before hitting the clubs or maybe if your lucky leave the club 15minutes early and finish off your night with a foot massage.

Patpong and Surawong has some other nocturnal activities which Thailand of the old is known for. But these activities have given the beauty of Thailand a bad rep, I won’t mention more on this topic. All I can say for all you old westerners who thrive off of abuse. SHAME!!!

When all else is done, its 5am and you’re still awake, jump in a cab or better yet a tuk tuk (3 wheel scooter with a 2 seat bench) and head over to Asia’s largest flower market. The scent, the visual beauty of these flowers are an excellent way to end off a night or start up a morning.


Who doesn’t like Thai food, except the westerner who finds BBQ chips too spicy. There are amazing restaurants, but who cares. They’re amazing restos around the world. What Bangkok excels at is street food. Yes, they might look a little weird or have a strong smell, or even the odd rat might be chilling nearby. WHATEVER! The food is amazing. Go with your judgement. Look for places where the food is elevated, not in the open, and chilled. Chatuchak market provides amazing alley food. Check your surroundings. If the place looks clean or if many people are ordering, then go with the flow. I have never had a reaction from food only the water. But I have heard stories…Thank god most places have treated water.

My favorite street food is the fried chicken, ever so spicy. Near Nana BTS station is my favorite stand…super, hot, crispy and spicy, for 10cents you can have a drumstick…so I usually have a dollars worth. I know, I know…don’t judge.

Another favorite is the grilled banana on a stick, appetizing with a sweetness. The soups are especially good after a night of clubbing along Silom road.

For an interesting meal you can also check out Cabbages&Condoms… I won’t go into detail over this one, but I’ll say the food is great and the idea commendable. Prepare for line ups so reserve in advance.


If you’re craving something different then thai food, I highly suggest going to Nana where you’ll find a large concentration of Africans and Middle Eastern immigrants. Here you will find incredible in taste and price middle eastern food. You can fill a large table up with several plates and pay 1/4th of what you would pay in North America.

I don’t usually include drinks but in all my travels my 2 favorite drinks are Salep from Turkey( a hot milky beverage made from flowers) and Thai Ice milk tea. This Thai drink is thick, heavy, sweet, and cooling on a hot day. A definite must. Though easily obtainable, Chatuchak vendors do it with an aerodynamic twist… A show as entertaining as it is tasteful.


Now why on god’s green earth would you go see a movie when you’re on vacation. This is one of my favorite past times in Thailand. Depending on the movie you can pay an admission of 3$, get a love seat or recliner, and can order a drink with popcorn for 3$.

Just remember the seats are pre-selected at the cash and lord forbid if you sit somewhere else. The movies are relatively up to date with american films with subtitles and you luck out by being able to see asian and thai films as well. Thai films are actually very well made. Only one thing you have to remember, please do not question or refuse to stand when the King’s advertisement shows on screen. He is loved by all in Thailand and rightly so. When everyone stands out of respect, follow suit. Its part of the fun.

I can’t get enough of this city. I’ve been 16 times, only twice were press trips. I’ve made many friends here and look forward to making more.

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