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Livin la Vida CABO!

Cabo San Lucas

In one word… Heaven. That’s how I would describe Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  I am currently sitting by a water fountain enjoying my seven o’clock down time, after a relaxing 30-degree day by the pool, followed by an hour at the gym/spa.  This is my fifth year going to Cabo, and I still thank my lucky stars that I am able to go back. This Mexican oasis is the West coast version of Miami; it’s just a hop, skip, and a two and a half hour plane ride from Los Angeles.  For many Canadians (including my family), it was always a trek to get to Cabo. I kid you not, our first year it took us close to 14 hours to get there (MTL-TO, TO- MEXICO CITY, MEXICO CITY  (brief stop in Mazatlan)- Cabo). Luckily, Air Canada has made a direct flight from Toronto to make things easier for many Canadians (and my father who has to carry 10 bags). Cabo is not your typical Mexican destination; you CAN drink the water, the nightlife is crazy but not trashy, people speak English, AND it’s guaranteed good weather.  The food is out of this world. Some great restaurants include Nik-San for the Tuna Tostadas, Edith’s for the Wally two special, The Office for the tequila shot guy, and Senior Sweets for amazing desserts.

Pueblo Bonito SunsetNiksan

Since I started working, this was my one and only vacation a year AND NOW I GOTTA GET SOME SUN IN WHILE I STILL CAN…. HUH??? I live in sunny Los Angeles…. NOT ANYMORE. In just a couple of days, I am taking the plane straight back to Montreal. I decided to leave L.A. to start something new back in Montreal (and surprisingly not in fashion). This is a very exciting time for me, and I cannot wait to share more details with all of you. I will continue to write about the same kind of stuff I always do, except now,  I’ll be livin’ “la vie À MTL”. Au revoir L.A.

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