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Fashion Faceoff

British Street Style

This month I (Steph) took a little vacay to England to escape the bitter cold (err or not), drink some pints, and snap some shots of the lovely locals!

FACT: The Brits are COOL -too cool- and it’s not just the accent. Brit street style is all about effortless mixing and matching. Accessorizing is a must. To the extreme. Loud necklaces, bangles and rings – pile it on. What trend that is quickly picking up steam? Big earrings. The really heavy kind. Trust me. Don’t be afraid of texture, either. Lace & mesh & leather & fur… if it sounds like “too much” it probably isn’t. And add some colour. Black on Black in Manchester? Never. The best advice to take from Brit style? Go for it! Add some extra accessories and layers beyond your normal comfort zone. Wondering if those leopard print pantyhose are safe for day wear? They sure are.

British Style


With Steph off in jolly, old England doing it up the way only the Brits know how, I embarked on my week off in hopes of discovering what makes Torontonians look so darn cool.

Walking around in this not so wintery wonderland I found that us East Coast Canadians like to keep it simple, sharp, and fun. Adding splashes of colour, pattern, and texture to otherwise monochromatic winter wear gives these outfits just the right amount of oomph to send us out the door and onto the dance floors. I love how these ladies and gents put their own spin on warm, everyday wear. Bright red, suede shoes add pop to a cozy sweater and opaque tights, and I love the subtle matching hints in all of Sammi’s accessories. I can’t say it enough, texture is your best friend, and Mara’s vintage, fur and wool jacket, paired with a fabulous studded, suede fringe bag, is a perfect example. And finally…sweaters, sweaters, and more sweaters!! A great sweater goes a long way, and Alexis and Kevin are keeping warm in easy, muted tones that can stand on their own, or be paired with a great pattern. I’m proud to say that we’re keeping it classy in the T.Dot. I can’t wait to see what spring will bring!

Toronto Street Style

TDot Street Style

Toronto Style

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