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Are you OverWeight??

A gadget doesn’t have to be SciFi to be brilliant, and to prove it here’s our latest acquisition: the Expert Verdict Self-Weighing Suitcase. It wasn’t on the market for more then a few days before we ordered it, and we received it a week later. The Expert Verdict suitcase has now made two trips to Vancouver and back and so far its performance has been up to standards.

The built in scale is quite accurate and reliable. On the first lift attempt it indicated 9.7Kg and on the second 9.8Kg. When we weighed the case on the airline baggage belt it indicated 9.8Kg. The case also comes with a matching carry-on bag. However it’s harder to weigh them both with the carry-on on top of the bag. We hung the carry-on bag on the long telescopic handle so the we could weigh them both and the variance between the first and second attempt was still 100g.

As far as looks are concerned the bag is nothing out of the ordinary, it would have been nice to be able to order different colors and even more interesting if we could have this feature on the other sizes of luggage. You can order the Expert Verdict Self-Weighing Suitcase online for just about $120. Enjoy!!

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