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Bonjour Montreal!

Amazing Race

Happy 2010 everyone!

I would like to share a personal story that occurred during my travel home from Mexico. Firstly, anyone coming back from a warm weathered climate should realize that when they land in minus 15 degrees dressed in a Chicago Bears Poncho, shorts, flip flops, and a 30 foot sombrero, that none of your ensemble will be of any use. Additionally, anyone over the age of ten should not be coming home with braids in their hair unless you want people to think of Monica from Friends when she got her hair stuck on the shower.

sombrero mexican hat


There are people who live an easy life, then there are those who live an interesting life, and then there are those who live a very interesting life, however, a lot of shit always happens to them. My life happens to be the later.

Ohare airport terminal

I was flying solo from Cabo – Chicago – Montreal. I originally had a three-hour lay-over in Chicago until my plane in Cabo was delayed by two hours. I had arrived with 50 minutes until my flight to Montreal. If any of you watch the amazing race this was a classic scene, but even more frantic. I had to first clear customs (where they also forgot to pick up custom forms in Mexico, so the entire plane had to crowd around a small table.  Luckily, I had a pen). I had to wait for my luggage, then race with it to the transit baggage drop (forgot to mention I was travelling with two HUGE camp duffle bags and wearing a fur lined sweatshirt). I then had to get on a tram from terminal five to one, which of course went 5-4-3-2-1. Then, I had to go through security again,  run a mile because I was dropped off in Concourse B and I was in Concourse C.  At this point, I am half dressed, praying I remembered my computer, running through O’Hare airport. With milliseconds remaining, I got onto my flight. The best part was getting on the plane and screaming from the cold outside.  Of course, I got many looks on the plane because I was huffing and puffing.  AND, surprisingly, I got my luggage in Montreal. Well, a new city means NEW ADVENTURES… HERE’S TO AN AMAZING 2010!!!!


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