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The Diva Cup™: The Latest in Green Feminine Care

Men avert your eyes or read on at your own risk! Women, this one is for you. Do you ever contemplate how much waste using tampons and/or pads during our “lady days” produces? Well, it so happens that a new, old technique has made a comeback. It’s called the DivaCup™ and it is rapidly changing the face of feminine care because it yields so little garbage (with very little leakage) and because of its low cost. The one-time fee of $30 is very conducive to those on a budget since tampons and pads can be pricey and are a pesky monthly expense. The way it works is: you insert the DivaCup into your vaginal opening by folding and gently guiding it where it feels comfortable, where it will seal into place. Once you get the hang of it, like using an ob™ tampon for the first time, this will become easy and fast to do! Here is the website, I urge you all to read the FAQ’s and testimonials to see for yourself if it is a product for you! Remember, it’s a one-time cost of $30 and afterward it produces zero waste.

For more information visit the The Diva Cup™ Website

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  1. Thanks for bringing attention to The DivaCup! Women are making the switch every day in every part of the world!

    Best wishes,

    The DivaCup Team

  2. AWESOME!!!!! LOVE IT ~ Boy what this would have done to my 20s!!!!!

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