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Your LifeLine

Just a little while ago, in “I’m Not a Doctor but My iPhone Is”, we were talking about gadgets and tools that could change the way medical care needs are assessed and provided. LifeLine is a ground breaking concept project by Mikhail St-Denis that aims to keep your health in check at all times. While wearing the LifeLine bracelet it records and monitors the user’s heart rate, blood sugar levels, body temperature that can be later synchronized with your home PC to keep a day by day history of your health. The LifeLine software enables the user to see graphs with all the data it collects and encourages the user to stay active with regular updates.

As well as charging the LifeLine bracelet via USB cable or a wireless power pad, it is also charged by the user’s body heat minimizing usage down time. Once the heath data is synchronized it can be shared via social media using LifeLine’s dedicated app or website and as such encourage the user with fun and challenging activities or competitions with other users. The issues of data privacy and security would have to be diligently cared for and guarded against to ensure the safety of the users as well as prevent prejudicial actions.

One of the greatest benefits of wearing the LifeLine is its ability to detect and worn users when foreign substances are detected. LifeLine would issue auditory, visual and tactile warnings when substances such as Rohypnoled or any others that the user is allergic to and afflicted by are detected. If our friendly biochemists and engineers colleagues would hurry to bring this product to market we’d love to take it for a pub hop run. Hope you’ll Enjoy!!

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