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Virtual Sex: Getting Off Online

Online dating, 3D porn, virtual sex games, long term relationships in mmorpg (that’s massive multi-player online role-playing games to the uninitiated), there is no denying that technology and the Internet play a huge part in our sexuality.  No more than 5 years ago, if a couple had met, gasp, “online”, it was a dirty little secret.  Now, online dating is the first thing we suggest to friends who can’t seem to meet that special person.

Our generation has access to more sex on the net than any other before, to a point were nearly all aspects of our sexuality can be catered to online. Even the most obscure sexual quirk or fetishistic fascination has its place and community on the web.  The up side is that people who previously felt isolated in their sexual fantasies can now discuss and indulge with a massive network of like minded people.  The flip side is that we tend to overestimate the prevalence of certain sexual behaviours due to its widespread availability online.

Don’t think that all online sex is necessarily virtual or stops at the keyboard.  Au contraire! There are numerous sex toys and simulators that can be hooked up to your computer or your cell phone in order to make your cybersex experience as real as possible.  The Sinulator, allows it’s vibrators to be controlled remotely via internet connection. Don’t have anyone to use your Simulator with?  No problem; you can login and find other users plugged in and ready to go!

The Real Touch, a sex simulator designed for men which is endorsed by big porn studios,  synchronises to online porn sites and will “replicate” the motion on the screen in order to give you that “in the action” experience. Don’t want to plug your genitals in your computer?

The company ThriXXX is working on making it’s 3D sex games compatible with the new Xbox Kinect so you can “touch” the models in the game. Like you needed one more reason to get a new console!

As much as I love all these geeky new ways to explore sex and pleasure with real and virtual people alike, I can’t help but have visions of a future à la THX 1138, where real intercourse is substituted by masturbation machines that get you off while watching holographic porn… mmm…  I think we might already be there…

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