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Underwater Magic

Looking outside you wouldn’t say summer is just around the corner and it doesn’t have to be. Just a few flying hours away the tropical waters of the Caribbean can offer sanctuary to any and all winter refugees. For the last few years the packing list for all our southern vacations has always included an underwater disposable camera just for those moments when the action goes beneath the surface. This year at CES 2010, for some of us that were lucky enough, Liquid Image has offered to test the new Liquid Image Wide Angle VideoMask. So in the calm waters of Barbados we tested all the new features including the 135 degree wide angle lens and D1 video.

The new lens almost doubles the original Model 310 VideoMask’s field of view and allows you to capture more details underwater while snorkeling or scuba diving. The Wide Angle VideoMask Model 312 records D1 video (720×480) at 30fps and snaps stills at 5.0MP. It is rated to a depth of 40m or 130ft, which is the maximum depth for certified recreational divers and beginning divers, and well beyond the depth reached by free divers and snorkelers. It comes with a 2GB micro SD card and has a micro SD/SDHC card slot for memory cards up to 32GB. This is enough to record thousands of still images or approximately 2 hours of video. The power comes from 2 x AAA batteries either Alkaline or Lithium and it is estimated to last for 2200 still pictures or 2 hours of video.

The operation of the Wide Angle VideoMask is made extremely easy by lever style buttons which are even easy to find and press while wearing diving gloves and are positioned along the upper right corner of the frame. To snap a photo or start recording a video, simply turn on the camera, choose the mode, then press the shutter button. There are LED lights inside the mask which indicate the mode that is selected. The goggle lenses are made of anti-fog coated, tempered glass and have crosshairs to help you to line up the shots yet are not distracting when the camera is not in use.

The new Wide Angle VideoMask will be available in May as model number 312 and for around $250 you’ll be able to capture stunning video and breathtaking pictures of you underwater adventures. There will also be a Scuba Series Wide Angle HD for about $100 more which allows yout to record everything in high definition (1280×720) however that model was not tested. You can also get the 4.7W side torches for low visibility and night diving, and filters for those beautiful turquoise waters. Enjoy!!

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