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The power of RedEye in your hand

In high school, did you ever have one of those watches with an integrated remote control and changed the channel when the teacher was not looking? That prank never gets old! We’ve been playing around with our RedEye for about a month now and it has brought back many fun memories and even more laughs. Besides being practical this gadget comes with many hours of fun in the box. We’re very thankful to ThinkFlood for doing a great job with it and giving us the opportunity to test it. The RedEye is an infrared emitter base that connects through wifi with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and allows the user to control any infrared devices in the area. Once you understand this basic principle it’s very easy to setup and you’re up and running in minutes.

Some of the great features of the ReyEye are the automatic downloading of infrared codes and the pre-built templates for many possible activities. It’s easy to add devices, just pick from a list of manufacturers, then pick the device from the list and codes are conveniently added and embedded in your graphical interface. There were a couple of quarks to resolve when we added the Bell dish receiver since the buttons and codes did not match. We had to capture each one individually and that took some time. And now it works like a charm.

Because it works over wifi, the RedEye can receive commands from more than one iPhone or iPad. The reverse is also true, multiple RedEyes are controllable from a single device at the same time, as long as they’re on the same network. A dock built into the cradle exists only to let users charge their iPod or iPhone hardware while keeping it near the TV or other home electronics. If you have a Mac with an IR port, you could also use the remote to replace certain functions for presentations.

Our entire experience using the RedEye was fun and easy. The hardware and software combination does deliver on it’s promise of converting iPods and iPhones into fully functional universal remotes. For home automation, the RedEye provides control and customization options at a fraction of the cost of more elaborate solutions. Also, you can’t put a price on the ability to change the TV channel just as your friend’s team is driving in on goal… priceless!! We can’t wait to see what the RedEye mini can do!! Until next time and if you keep looking through our kloset, we’ll keep on adding new gadgets to it.

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