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the NOT drop CableDrop

Cable Drop

Bluelounge Design, the winners of 11 awards in 2008,have done it again with their new product called CableDrops. These multi-purpose Cable Clips have a unique design that makes cable management fun, and can also be used as a general purpose clip in a multitude of creative ways. Fixed behind or on the desktop, even onto a facing wall.

Cable Drop

Anywhere in fact where you wish to have cables temporarily held yet easily removeable or extended. CableDrop gently grasps your power and peripheral cords so they do not fall off your desk every time you unplug your laptop. Sold in packs of six, each package includes three different colors, either muted or bright.

Checkout all the other incredible cool stuff Bluelounge offers on their site.

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  1. I was just attempting to create a makeshift hold for the 5 wires I have pluging into my daily life… with little success. Gone are the days of having to rap wires around things and tie them to your wrist to prevent them from falling….. well done with this post


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