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The Little Speaker That Could

How about a portable speaker that fits right in the palm of your hand? With amazing “sound beyond size,” it’s a great little stereo speaker system for your iPod, iPhone, Macbook or any Netbook, and MP3 player. The iHM77 speakers adhere magnetically to one another in a small capsule shape for great portability, and then separate and extend for surprisingly large stereo sound that will amaze you. The base is decent and the mids are smooth, but the highs, however, do sound a little muffled at low volumes.

The speakers each have rechargeable 2W amps built in. While sitting at a desk, these speakers can actually hurt your ears at 80% volume. The iHome iHM77Capsule Speaker” system consists of two semi-spherical speakers and a cable that has one standard USB plug, two mini-USB plugs, and a standard headphone connector. It comes with a felt carrying bag and a rubber cord organizer. It would have been nice if the cord extended out of the speakers or fit within the capsule itself.

Over all, it’s an above average product for the space saving road warrior who wants to have some of the comforts of home while stuck in hotel rooms. The price of 60$ is a bit high, however the cost should be coming down as more competitors enter the market. Enjoy!!

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