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The iPhone 4 is out of the kloset

Ladies and gents, it’s official: We’ll have a new iPhone to play with this summer!! Steve Jobs has made the official announcement during his keynote speech at the World Wide Developers Conference and even made a video call with it. The new iPhone 4 comes with dual cameras (front and back) which allow you to video call your friends, as long as your carrier supports it. Apple allows others applications to take advantage of this feature so you can expect to have it soon on Skype and other VoIP software. The back camera also has the long awaited LED FLASH so you can finally take some shots at night with your new 5MP camera.

There’s no increase in capacity with the new iPhone which will be available in 16 and 32 gigabytes versions for 200$ and 300$ respectively (at least in the US). We’re waiting for the official release date, price and plans from Rogers and Fido in Canada. AT&T in the US, has announced a special promotion which allows anyone that has upgrades coming up in 2010 to use them right away for the iPhone 4. We hope to have a similar offer in Canada and if
Telus and Bell get the new HTC EVO which is running the Android OS, then we will have and true showdown in the mobile market.

Now, the main question remains: should you get it? You know we will, however that’s only because we’re high tech freaks and we always have to have the latest and greatest. Don’t laugh, some of us walk around with an iPhone 3GS (for now), a BB Bold 9700 and a SE Xperia X10 just to make sure that we have it all… Our advice is as follows: first, if your read ebooks or read over 1 hour per day of other media on your current iPhone 3GS then don’t even think about it, your eyes will thank you for years to come. The new screen resolution is 4 times higher then what you have now. Second, if you have an upgrade from your carrier than the cost will not be prohibitive so do ask your friends to get you a nice birthday or early Christmas gift. You’ll enjoy the new features and it’s a nice gadget to have around. And finally, if you have to dish out the full price than you’re better served by waiting until next year (we should have an iPhone 5 by then) since you can get download the new OS 4.0 as of June 21st and take advantage of many of the new improvement on your 3GS. Enjoy!! 

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