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SKYPE 5 Way Video Call

Finally a long awaited addition to Skype is in sight, a public “beta” test of a group video chat function that lets up to five people participate in a video call simultaneously. This feature launches next week and it will be free, however Skype plans to start charging for it in the next three or four months. Neil Stevens, the general manager of Skype’s consumer business segment, also mentioned that other upcoming features may also be at a cost. Group video chat will be first available to Windows users of Skype while a Mac version will be available later this year.  Skype, was sold late last year by eBay for about 2 billion dollars to an investor group that includes Skype’s founders, and we can now see that the wind is back in their sails. On Wednesday, Skype also plans to unveil new subscriptions that allow users to choose which countries they want to call and whether they want to call landlines and cellphones or just one of the two. Enjoy!!

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