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Peace at last!!!!!!

Boys and girls, I’ve lost more things over the years than I can possibly remember, and none of the things that I lost I can say that I truly missed.  Not the cell phones, not the palm pilots, and definitely not the headsets…until a few months ago, when I lost my Bose QC 2s. I was distraught.  I searched all the airports and no one had found them.  So I mourned…

Now, my mourning is over! Yesterday I walked into a Best Buy to kill some time and came face to face with the Bose stand. I put the new QuietComfort 15 on and, OH MY GOD! SILENCE! And not just any silence, but the kind of silence that melts all your sorrows away. The kind of silence that you don’t experience even when home alone–the kind of silence I had missed for months. So, yes, for almost $400, I got my silence back!

And why are Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Canceling headsets the greatest? Traditionally, noise canceling headsets have a microphone that captures the frequency of the surrounding white noise and then emits a canceling frequency to the listener. Bose QC 15 has microphones inside and outside the ear cup shell and improved circuitry to make the electronic noise canceling better then ever. Also, Bose was not happy with merely improving its noise canceling technology and wished to create a better all-around audio experience. Bass notes on the Bose QC 15 sound rich and textured without the tendency of throbbing. Clearly the QC 15 is a step up from the QC 2s where the bass left much to be desired.

The best feature of the Bose QC 15 when compared to all other headphone brands (such as Sony, Sennheiser, Phillips) is how comfortable the device is on your ears. When using my old Maxell headphones, I could only keep them on my ears for a maximum of 2 – 3 hours. Sleeping with the Bose QC 15 will be the best airplane sleep that you’ll ever have. I’ll be testing them next week on my trip to and from Europe and I can’t wait!

A small improvement Bose has made from the QC 15′s predecessor, the Bose QC 2, is the  semi-hard carrying case. My QC 2′s case used to pop open when shoved into tight corners of my carry-on bag, causing the headphones to receive some scratches on the shiny silver. This doesn’t happen with the new case, as I have found after testing it with considerably more pressure.

Finally, you truly know that your product is the Koolest when other companies start making accessories for it. For those of you that have been bitten by the flying bug, a site called makes a headset adapter that turns your Bose into one of the best aviation headsets that I’ve ever tried. The Bose QC 15 is half the weight of DCs (David Clark), the noise canceling technology is ten times better, and they’re 200$ cheaper, even with the adapter included.

This is one of the best investments that I’ve ever made… twice. So ENJOY!

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