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Identificadores Cables Cordotz

Lately my search for really nigo shit has been halted, by the repetitive assault of products being put on the market. That however changed with my newest find! Inspired by frustration, and founded on fun, the team at Dotz have created a simple innovative way to fix your cord problems. Identify-it, strap-it or wrap-it, its just that easy. Dotz, winners of the 2009 “Best Retail Ready Product” award, were very kind in sending out 1 of each of the  amazing products they offer for sale for under 10 bux.

Dotz Make Cable Management

Cord Wrap – Instantly organize those unsightly cords and cables.
Cord Straps – Label, identify, secure, attach, organize.
Cord Identifiers – Eliminate cord confusion forever.

Dotz Make Cable Management

There are lots of cord winding solutions out there but Dotz are kind of special. There are three parts to the system. First, there are the Dotz Identifiers themselves that identify each cable on your power strip. Then you have a Dotz strap that keeps those cables together in one bundle. Finally, you have the Dots Winder that winds the cable into a manageable little case. In all, you’ve got a bright, colorful, and potentially useful little collection of management tools.

Indentificador Tomada

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