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Montrealers have a choice thanks to Colba.Net

Sick of the restrictions that your internet provider is forcing you to endure? Don’t despair yet, Colba.Net offers its customers the freedom that Videotron, Bell and others are cutting back. Recently, had the opportunity to interview Joseph Bassili, the CEO and founder of Colba.Net, who assures customers and prospective clients that no limit service  will continue for a “long time”. Unfortunately, the area where ADSL2+ service is directly provided by Colba.Net, is limited to the central part of Montreal. Outside this area you can definitely subscribe to Colba.Net, however the service is a re-sale of Bell’s services.

Colba.Net also offers it’s customers VoIP service, just in case you’ve had enough of paying 30$ per month or more for a landline that only rings when telemarketers call. The VoIP line comes with all the features that would normally cost an additional 20$ per month.

However, what most incited us to look into Colba.Net is their upcoming IPTV service. IPTV is TV over the internet and it works just like your existing satellite or digital TV service. Colba.Net is expecting to launch IPTV in Montreal later this year with a starting price of 19.95$ per month and with more channels then basic cable.

We at yourKloset are very exited about having a telecom choice especially given all the bandwidth restrictions that are being imposed by the big guys. Stay tuned and we’ll let you know as soon as we have more news from Colba.Net about the launch of IPTV. Until next time, and if you keep looking through our kloset, we’ll keep on adding news, kool ideas and gadgets to it.

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