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Microsoft Office 2010

Today Microsoft releases the 2010 Business Productivity Online Suite to businesses world wide, showing that Microsoft is putting, for the first time, some serious elbow grease into making its suite work better online and on smartphones. However, Google is arguing that there is a better way for businesses to upgrade their productivity suite instead of purchasing the new Office version. They suggest that businesses would be better served by using the current version of Office and then using Google Docs for collaboration and online-based tools. The main limitation of the new Web Office is that it requires SharePoint 2010. SharePoint 2010 is not part of BPOS (the current version of Microsoft’s hosted online service) and it only runs on 64-bit servers. So, the only way you actually get online apps now is through the installed product, not very cloud-computing…

One of the features of the browser-based versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is having “embed” tags to let a person embed a PowerPoint slide or Excel chart in a blog post. The PowerPoint would reside in a company’s SharePoint system (for a company blog) or Microsoft’s public SkyDrive (for a public blog), so when the content is updated, the embedded content in the blog stays up to date. The client versions don’t have that. Here’s a video that further details the improvements over MS Office 2007:

It would be nice to one day have a free, fully online version of Office. It would make the transition period from one version to the next much much easier. For now Enjoy!!

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