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Just give me a SIGN – Gesture Cube

Ever wished you could change the TV channel or skip to the next song while your hands were dirty? No more smudge marks on your screens with the Gesture Cube. With a wave of your hand, access music, surf the web, or browse pictures of family and friends. “GestIC”, the technology behind the Cube, was developed by a group of German-based design studios and allows the users to access media files or the web without having to press buttons or touch a screen.  Instead it uses screenelectric field sensing technology. This technology not only detects movement, but also distances in 3D space, making the interface controllable by simple hand gestures.

Gesture Cube is still in a concept stage, which means that Gesture Cube is currently not available for sale. We got to catch a glimpse of the underlying gesture technology at the 3GSM Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Hope to see it in stores soon and take it home to enjoy!!

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