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Is Your Scale Connected? Withings’ Scale is WiFi

This scale has just jumped to the top of our wish list, and it begs the question: “What took so long to make it?”. After playing with the scale for 2 days, we only have positive comments about it. The wifi connection never dropped and once you briefly go through the manual, you’ll be setup in minutes.

The Withings wifi scale sends your weight, BMI, fat and muscle data to the iOS device of your choice. We’ve tired the iPhone and iPad versions and both performed wonderfully. The app allows you to track your progress and share the results with your friends. You can also upload the results to Google Health or directly send them to your doctor.

For our readers that don’t use or like Apple devices, be reassured that the Withings scale can connect to Android devices. In the short time that we had to test the scale, we could not test the Android app, however we’ll update this article as soon as do. Keep peeking into yourKloset, we are adding more news, kool ideas and gadgets to it.

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  1. Withings WiFi Body Scale can now display all the info on Panasonic VIERA Connect TVs

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