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Is it the End of CANCER in Sight?

The invention of a sensor that determines the existence of cancer in humans at a molecular level won Raluca-Ioana van Staden, a Romanian, this year’s Golden Prize at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva. Put on by the World Intellectual Property Organization she won in the category for Best Woman Inventor 2010.

The sensor detects cancer in less than six minutes and the estimated cost would be less than one euro per test. Raluca-Ioana van Staden said that a lack of funding has restricted the current trials to only four types of cancer because all the tests require a fairly large quantity of bio-markers, which are very expensive. The device produced on a large-scale would be as easy as a glucometer to use, and with no danger of contamination from one user to the next it can also be reused.

“We’ve already done experiments on various types of cancer, such as ovarian, breast, gastrointestinal and prostate cancer, as well as tests with general markers of cancer,” she said in an interview. “We can make a determination even before the disease is triggered in the body.”

When asked when the cancer detector will be available on the market, Raluca-Ioana van Staden said that a Romanian firm has already been selected and that production could start as early as next week. The name of the producing company was not revealed and it is believed that many larger international conglomerates participated in the bid. Since the public demand for tests has swamped inboxes, the intent is to start clinical trials as soon as possible, as well as seek approval from different national health organizations.

Raluca-Ioana van Staden states that at this point in time there are other cancer detecting devices in development, however, none have passed the clinical trials. The advantage of this detector is that it uses unfiltered blood reaching measurements in the ng/ml range which are beyond anything found in the world today. One day soon we hope to have this device in every doctor’s office. Enjoy this great news!!

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