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I’m Not a Doctor but My iPhone Is

A few years ago, Thinklabs came out with the Digital Stethoscope ds32a, which is a diagnostic electronic stethoscope that amplifies the faintest sounds. Do you want to play doctor? Do you need to be a the hero? Thinklabs has now released an iPhone & iPod app that allow you to record and display heart rhythm and breathing sounds in real time. You can then scroll and zoom in or out with the help of the multi-touch user interface, edit the sounds on-screen, save recorded sounds, and finally, e-mail the sounds and images along with your notes. For the Digital Stethoscope ds32a to connect to your iPhone, an external audio input device with an audio input jack is required and Thinklabs recommends the Belkin TuneTalk.

You may have seen the new GE VScan portable ultrasound device featured at the Vancouver Olympics, which is the size of a flip phone. We fully expect that very shortly, the iPhone will have an app for ultrasound scanning for on site trauma diagnosis since there’s one for Windows Mobile devices. One of the top free apps in the medical category is Epocrates, which provides a comprehensive handheld drug guide for everything you need to care for patients.

Is the mobile doctor just around the corner? Very shortly, you will not need to go to the hospital or to a clinic in the middle of the night. Just hook up to your mobile device and all your vitals will be sent on to call a doctor. This system is already in use today in the airline industry, which uses a central medical facility and can diagnose over radio–proof that technology such as this is just around the corner for the general public. Good or bad? Time will tell. Enjoy!!

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