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How To: Study on the Cheap

Your a student. You have a part-time job, but might not stick with it because it takes away from your party…uh…study time. Or maybe you like your job, because you get free chicken pita sandwiches when the boss looks the other way. Regardless – you’re probably on a tight budget (sort of the theme of my articles recently, huh? Sorry, it’s just that I’ve been there).

What’s my point? Oh, right – my point. My point is that there are low-cost (or free) solutions to many of the classic staples of a modern-day student: computers (see:  netbook), cell phones (see:  umm… cheap and free cell phones from the big providers), and now, SOFTWARE!!


Of course, as a student, everyone needs an office suite which would include at the very least, a word processor. Bonuses and sometimes necessary applications include the spreadsheet program, presentation software, and others. For this, there are several free solutions. I would recommend Google Docs and Spreadsheets (, as it’s 100% free, online (all you need is a browser and your documents will follow you everywhere), and offers collaboration, which is great for sharing notes, or working on group projects. Most of my “group projects” in university weren’t supposed to be group projects… Interesting. Another free solution is Sun’s – a complete office suite that looks and feels very familiar to MS Office regulars. You can open files from MS office and many other applications, and you can save all files as MS Office and other file types. I’ve used on PC’s and Mac computers – I prefer it on a PC.


Another online solution is the Zoho Office Suite ( – Zoho is worth checking out they have a bunch of great productivity and collaboration apps.


gOffice ( is an online word processor that allows you to download a Word (.doc) version of what you create, or even a PDF version or image of the document!


I could go on  and on, but I’ll save it for a later installment… There are note taking apps, study tools, calendars/agendas, calculators, and collaboration tools – all to be discussed, so stay tuned!

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