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How smart are your shades?

4iiii Innovations just released their new Sportiiiis device after a long development and extensive testing. This new gadget provides a heads-up display (HUD) to any pair of  sunglasses. Sportiiiis is built specifically for athletes (or aspiring athletes with money to spend). It’s hooked to your shades using universal attachment points and can be paired with a monitoring device via ANT+ wireless technology. Once this is done, it displays performance data in real-time to the user using coloured LEDs and audio updates. Users enter their preferred heart rate and then the LEDs indicate when they’ve reached it, go beyond it, or fall short of it. The audio info can inform you how hard you’re pushing yourself and you can request it by tapping the device.

Using the Sportiiiis a runner never has to take his eyes off the road or lose concentration while playing with a wrist mounted device. Since the ANT+ system is becoming more popular you can set yours to provide you with information from any compatible device (one at a time). The LEDs can be programmed from a computer or a smartphone app to readout data from ANT+ devices. ANT+ is similar to Bluetooth yet used for fitness devices, and anything thus labelled is interoperable. Bike computers, heart-rate monitors and blood-pressure monitors can all be ANT+ devices. The Sportiiiis is specialized for fitness, however, because this crowd craves gadgets, it could catch on fast with the right type of marketing.  It will go on sale in November for about $200. Keep peeking into yourKloset, we are adding more news, KOOL ideas and gadgets to it.

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