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How did the TECH Bug get You??

Hmmmmm… It was some time ago… Yet, do you remember your first computer? Wasn’t it just a wonderful piece of magic? Did you know how it worked? It didn’t matter at the time; all that mattered was that you could race home from school before your parents got home and play a few good rounds of space invaders or pong. If you too had a Sinclair ZX81 back in the 80s, you can have it all again by purchasing a kit and building it yourself . They have a few left so you can get your hands on some cool vintage technology!

However, the purpose of this article was not to introduce or review a specific platform or some new gadget, but to reminisce about the simpler times and what got us to the fast pace, information overload, email, IM, blogosphere, Facebook, Twitter, Ping and stream media world in which we live today. We would like to open a discussion with you, our dear readers, and to get your views and experiences of how technology evolved in your hands, what was you first computer and where was your point of no return.

Do you remember these? For most of our readers the punch cards were before their time, yet they are important since they made one think three or four times before trying to run a new software… Can you imagine the time it used to take to punch a box full of these cards, place them in order and only then insert them into the reader???? Today, any Joe can write a piece of software or even get a program that can write the software for you… And we wonder why so many of the applications out there are just junk!!

For most of us, it was the first games: the Atari, Nintendo, etc, that peaked our interest, and in some cases got us hooked on the machines and the wonderful escape from reality that they can provide. Just think how many times you head your mom scream “Turn that ^#%$& thing off and come to dinner! NOW!!”. The first games were simple however, the symbolism used stimulated a great competitive rush and for some the desire to learn and make our own games, better and cooler games. Is this what got you hooked?

Or was it the beginning of the internet that sealed your fate? Ahhhhhh… The good old BBSes with their busy signals and the disconnects… Were you cursing in front of your 386dx when your little sister (or brother) had picked up the phone receiver and interrupted your download? How nice was it to wake up in the middle of the night and start a download that took five to six hours just to make sure that you parents don’t find out, and also to have the computer to yourself? If you lived through these times and remember them, please let us know!! You owe it to posterity to have these stories written down so one day you can look back and smile or… Maybe cry… Until next time and if you keep looking through our kloset, we’ll keep on adding new kool ideas and gadgets to it.

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