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High Adrenaline with LOW Tech

There’s very little that compares with the rush of adrenaline you get when jumping out of a flying airplane; the whistling air, the weightless freedom and the spectacular view make you truly feel on top of the world. And yet, for such a high adrenaline sport, skydiving is surprisingly low tech, probably the reason why so many people get hooked on it quickly. The gear is comprised of a parachute container which houses the main canopy and the reserve, a jumpsuit just so you can feel cool, some head gear or just googles, a pair of gloves, and finally an altimeter and an automatic activation device.

One of the more popular canopy manufacturers is Precision Aerodynamics however there are others like Aerodyne, Strong, etc. and their prices are very similar. For the main canopy look to spend between 1,500$ and 3,000$ and for the reserve between 1,000$ and 1,500$. You can chose the colours and design of the canopies as well as that of the backpack container. The container and harness will set you back another 1,500$ to 2,500$ to which you must add approximately 1,400$ for the all important automatic activation device which deploys your parachute automatically at a preset altitude and/or vertical velocity. Although it’s one of the more important pieces of equipment, the altimeter only cost a couple hundred dollars and you can just rent one for the days you jump.

The only additional items which will make your experience more comfortable are the jumpsuit, gloves, helmet and googles. You can get all of these for under 1,000$ brand new or used for a few hundred. This brings the total expense in equipment to just about 10,000$. The solo course is about 1,500$ and with that you’re set to go skydiving anytime and anywhere in the world. So, if the question is: what costs 12,000$ dollars and will give you a lifetime of thrills, smiles and joy? The only answer is: SKYDIVING!!!! Until next time and if you keep looking through our kloset, we’ll keep on adding new kool gadgets to it.

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