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Have you integrated TABLETS into your business environment?

The recent news about Alaska Airlines moving their flight manuals from paper to iPad has prompted us to look into why other corporations have not embraced this new trend faster. Since the tablet market is getting more crowded every day, one would expect that businesses would start changing their processes and integrate tablets into their daily operations. Instead, surveys are showing that corporations are indeed buying tablets and distributing them to employees instead of netbooks and laptops. Very few enterprises are actually using the tablets in a innovating fashion.

Yet there are those few trailblazers that have shown some initiative; in the education, transportation, automobile and now aviation industries. There are two examples in education, one school district where all the teachers were given tablets to make their lives easier, and one private school where the kids had to purchase tablets since all the manuals and the entire curriculum were digitized. The second is a great example of innovation, modernization and cost saving; this is considering that only one semester can cost the average student over 400$ in manuals.

There are a few restaurants that have started using tablets as menus however few have bothered to integrate them with the POS system, or even allow the hostess to assign tables and take orders. We would love to see more examples however, given how tight the budgets are now in many corporations, we feel that there may be some time before integrated tablets become a common sight. If you see any good examples, please send them to us as. Keep peeking into yourKloset, we are adding more news, KOOL ideas and gadgets to it.

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