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Google Philosophy Aligns More with Apple

This week Google announced the purchase of Motorola mobile for over 12 billion dollars. This proves that Apple’s strategy of linking software and hardware has won over the Google’s hardware agnostic approach. Yes, Google does state that they’ll continue to supply other manufacturers such as HTC and LG with an open operating system, however we anticipate that shortly the performance of Motorola (or maybe soon GMoto) handsets will outclass that of other Android devices.

So what will the other manufactures do? Build their own operating systems, or conform with Google’s requirements (which you know that will come shortly) seem to be the only choices. This battle of the giants can also end with some casualties, as some of the handset builders can lose even more of their current market share.

One interesting thing to watch out for is what Nokia will do to react to this latest news. Keep peeking into yourKloset, we are adding more news, KOOL ideas and gadgets to it.

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