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Give the Finger

It’s fun to see the faces, with the giant eyes and the wide open month, of everyone that comes over and sees you just putting your finger on a scanner and opening your front door. This reaction is by far the most rewarding part of buying and installing a fingerprint lock. What no one tells you is that every time they put their finger on that scanner, they pray that it works and that they will not, yet again, be embarrassed by being denied entry into their own home and looking foolish for having spent the extra hundred of dollars. Unfortunately, this is the sad reality of the door locks of the future.

We’ve purchased ours in 2007 and since then not much has changed. Every once in a while, looking over the new products, you occasionally notice a new one and then sadly you just realize that it just a new colour. Why don’t we see the rapid evolution that we see in the mobile phone world? The only two explanations we found are money and fear.

Money is probably the most important factor since the cheapest of the biometric locks is about $300 and the better and more reliable ones are going for over $800. The specs are very similar however you’ll notice a significant price difference when there’s a deadbolt too. Unfortunately this is also the weakest point for most of the hi-tech locks. The locksmith explained that the cheap quality deadbolts can jam, and they do, and can also be broken easily. He replaced our with a custom made one for an extra $100.

The fear of change is one of the strongest de-motivators. We’ve been using keys for to many years to give them up over night to biometric systems. Also, since the reliability of these systems is still some ways away from 100%, the skeptics have lots to complain about and as such making the masses more fearful and keeping the demand low. Most of us have gotten used to contact-less cards and finger scanners at work, however in the personal life these items are very scares; even the number of laptops with a biometric finger lock are comparatively low.

Hopefully, soon, the retina scanners will drop in price and we can get these mainstream devices to improve our security and lessen the weight we carry in our pockets. Maybe one day you’ll Enjoy!!

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