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Get a Jolt of Adrenaline with Force Dynamics’ 401cr

“Wow” is a term we seldom use when talking about tech stuff, however, today it’s the only one that even begins to describe what was felt just a few hours ago and not very far away. We took a trip down, south of the border, into northern New York state, where the guys of Force Dynamics are making the virtual seem very real. If you’ve ever played and loved racing games, and then got some adrenaline fix when the first PS2 controller rumbled in your hands, then the 401cr simulator will make your head spin (no joke, it will really spin). It’s a true motion simulator that generates accelerations of over 1 G and rotates left or right as many times as your in-game car and in perfect sync with it.

The user experience is as close as you can get to the real thing, loud (or as loud as you turn the on-board Logitech sound system) and violent (you’ll start sweating after a few laps). It’s not hard to get going and soon you start to lose track of time; laps times get lower and lower and the competitive nature comes to surface. The entire rig is controlled by 2 PCs, one controls the simulator motion and the other the game. There are only a few games that you’ll be able to play and ‘YES’ iRacing is one of them. Since the cost of the 401cr is in the high tens of thousands, it makes it prohibitive to most private gamers, yet well within the reach of savvy entrepreneurs. How KOOL would it be if we could have an entire arcade room full of simulators and just race all day?

One of the potential shortcomings of the 401cr is the current lack of liquid cooling that could eventually be needed for an even better graphics performance. However, we’re very confident that the Force Dynamics team can have a solution rigged up, tested and ready for some laps before we manage to drive back down. Customization is their specialty! Keep peeking into yourKloset, we are adding more news, KOOL ideas and gadgets to it.

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