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FLIP over Kodak’s POCKET Camcorder

Kodak Zi8 Fashion Gadget

The Flip just got some serious competition! Over the last few years, as the pocket camcorder market has taken off, pioneer Flip Video has narrowly hung onto the lead it built by offering models with arguably superior designs and slightly better video quality. A few companies, including Creative, Sony, and RCA, have been nipping at its heels for a while, but none has been able to overtake Flip’s offerings. Until now. While Kodak’s Zi8 may not be perfect, it has a lot of the little extras we’ve been asking for, including electronic image stabilization and external mic support, and delivers very respectable video for a minicamcorder with a price point of $180.00 bucks. And with a color choice of aqua, raspberry and black, the Zi8 is the clear choice in the minicamcorder war.

I love my Flip but the Kodak Zi8 just blows it out of the water.

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