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Can’t touch this CAR! The Cobra’s iRadar

“See you later Mr. Policeman with your laser gun and your radar trap!!!” There’s little that is more infuriating then getting a speeding ticket when you were just accelerating to pass an unsafe driver or a slow moving granny, when you normally drive just at the speed limit or little above. The guys at Cobra have been building anti-radar devices for quite some time and now they’ve come up with a iPhone compatible version. Right on your gorgeous retina display, you can have alerts and notifications about any speed and redlight cameras, dangerous intersections, and any known speed traps.

The detection unit (known as iRAD 100) is a black and shiny iPhone-matching, compact and powerful detection system. It can detect most, if not all, radar and laser guns on the market.  The unit is a fully functional detector with or without the iPhone app.  Without the app the detection unit will provide audio alerts to all radar and laser signals.

Cobra’s iRadar app is free on the App store, and it acts as a remote control for the iRadar unit. Using the iPhone’s Bluetooth connection, you can control all the features of the iRadar including the GPS settings.  Of course, if you’re using the app you can also get access to speed and red light camera location alerts. Using the iPhone’s GPS and your carrier’s data connection, the app provides you with up to the minute speed and red light camera alerts, known speed traps and dangerous intersection alerts. Now, don’t think that having the iRadar in your car will make you cop-proof or that it gives you a license to speed; in Europe they have radars that can tag you at distances up to 7 km and it’s only a matter of time before they make their way to North America. Until next time, and if you keep looking through our kloset, we’ll keep on adding new kool ideas and gadgets to it.

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