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the NEW Blackberry 8520 CURVE


Move over ball, the new Blackberry optical track pad is here on the all new Blackberry Curve 8520. Designed to be similar to that of a laptop computer, the new track pad lets you scroll through menus, icons and info by gliding your finger over it. Amazing! Blackberry addressed the issue of the track ball problems, meaning you will no longer be able to use it as an excuse to get a new one :(

Blackberry 8520 Trackpad

But WAIT! That’s not all the new Curve has to offer. The new smart phone comes with dedicated media keys. You can skip over songs, pause music to talk, or repeat your favorites over and over. You can even mute phone calls with the easy-access mute button. Other features include a 2.0MP digital camera, video camera capabilities and it is Wi-Fi enabled. Doesn’t sound so special? We have to disagree, as a base model, the new 8520 Curve offers all that and more of most Blackberries, for about half of the price.

The Blackberry Curve 8520

Those of you who have already got your hands on it, we would love to hear from you whether it’s a keeper or a chucker.

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