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Bitten by the Viper

Although global warming continues to stoop Montreal winters to almost Toronto levels, we still get a few frosty days and nights. The Viper SmartStart system make getting into a cold car even harder since it allows the user to start the car from virtually anywhere with the help of a smartphone. Initially Viper developed only an iPhone app and then later released the BlackBerry version after rising requests from dealers and customers. The system allows, with a simple graphical interface, to control the remote start and security system. You are able to lock and unlock the car, arm and disarm the alarm, remote start the car, open the trunk and activate the panic siren with both smartphone platforms.

The new version of the iPhone app also allows for 2-way communication with the car. To install the system you’ll need to purchase the necessary hardware VSM100 Viper SmartStart module, which runs at about $300. Besides the free app, you’ll will also need a compatible Viper remote start/security system, which is available at any Best Buy stores. There’s also an annual service charge that applies after the first year, which tacks on an additional $30 a year. For those of us that travel and leave our cars in airport parking lots for some time this system is a godsend. From the time you pick up your bag until you get into the car, even on the coldest day, the leather seats will have time to heat up. We know next winter you’ll Enjoy!!

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