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Apple: No Jobs, Yes Jobs


Ok, no more Steve Jobs @ Apple, but wait he’s now the director of the board so he’s still @ Apple… This just means that Jobs just changed job. It’s nice that they waited till later in the day, otherwise Apple stock would have lost a few points… Maybe more then a few! There’s nothing that Wall Street hates more then a change in leadership at the top of the second most valuable company in the world. It will be nice to see how the makers react after investors have a nigh to sleep on this news.


The main idea to keep in mind is that regardless of the title that Steve Jobs will have, he’ll continue to have a strong influence in Apple’s culture and development. It’s very doubtful that if Jobs walks in a boardroom with an idea, they’ll just ask him to leave; quite the contrary, for the next little while, they’ll continue to treat him as if he’s still the CEO. He will be “the people’s CEO”.

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